Executive Team


Lucia Goodwin


Lucia Goodwin, Durham Beyond The President has been a Police Spouse for 26 years and an Elementary Educator and Administrator for 25 years. Lucia is well aware of the work-life balance that is required to maintain one’s well-being. She has volunteered her time, alongside her two children, with the Durham Regional Police Association for the past 11 years and appreciates the opportunities it allows all Policing families to enjoy time together.

Lucia understands the importance of building a supportive community for all members of the Durham Regional Police. With her experiences in working in diverse communities throughout Durham Region and supporting a variety of learners and their families Lucia knows the importance of honesty, integrity, patience and compassion. She is looking forward to supporting the Policing community through Durham Beyond the Blue.


Julie Skinner


Julie Skinner, Vice-President of Durham Beyond The Blue, is a mom of two and has been a Police spouse since 2006. She knows the strains that policing can put on families and understands the need for an organization such as Beyond The Blue to help make families stronger and better equipped to manage the day to day struggles.


Judy Danis


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Taylor Collins


Taylor Collins, Director of Kids Beyond the Blue, is a full-time university student who is working towards obtaining her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Child & Youth Studies. For the past year and a half, she has worked part-time as a tutor, a role which gives her a great sense of pride and accomplishment.


As the significant other of a police officer, Taylor is aware of the daily struggles faced by many police families. For this reason, she is so thankful that organizations like Beyond the Blue exist. Whenever she gets the chance, she makes a point of informing others about the various resources and support systems that are in place to support families of law enforcement officers.