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What is your story?

I've been there, through the night shifts, the holidays with two little children at home while he worked days and nights. I've been there for the middle of the night calls when he needed to work overtime, when his friends got hurt and when he got hurt. What is your story and are you ready to share it with others. We at Durham Beyond the Blue are there for each other, to share and to be a place to celebrate the work that our family members do. Take the time to join in, like a post, share a tip or come out to our in person events surrounded by family members of all ages that "get it!".

This May we focus on Mental Health Awareness, for our family members serving others, for our children and for ourselves. Whether you choose to purchase a Mental Health Awareness Bracelet, join us at our in person event on May 1st or follow us on our Social Media Journey we want to hear from you. Because "In our family, No one fights alone".

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